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Streamlining sales with Pay & Process

Posted on Thu, Jul 02, 2015

While previously Sybiz Vision users would have to process a sales transaction and the receipt separately, the new Pay & Process function combines these actions into one.

After setting up your accepted payment types and accounts, Pay & Process is available from both the Sales Invoice and Sales Credit windows. After finalising the transaction details, Sybiz Vision generates a Sales Invoice with the payment type and amount listed.

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Get more control and transparency over your periodic bills

Posted on Tue, Jun 30, 2015

The Sybiz Vision periodic bill functionality assists users to manage recurring customer transactions. 

You are provided with multiple options which allow you to filter the necessary periodic bills you need to process. 

Frequencies for bills are held in the lookups area of Sybiz Vision as 'Schedules'.  One of these is then selected when adding a new periodic bill.

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Handy links for a smoother End of Financial Year

Posted on Thu, Jun 25, 2015

Whether you made it to our Australian End of Financial Year webinars or not there is a lot happening at Sybiz and we couldn't possibly squeeze all the information into the allotted time for the sessions. However if you did happen to miss the webinars or simply would like to recap, you can watch the recorded webinar right here.

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Upgrade to Sybiz Vision version 14.16 now!

Posted on Tue, Jun 23, 2015

Sybiz Vision 14.16 is now available to our users. In this version we've added in more functionality, as well as listened to your feedback, in order to make your life easier!

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Making bank (reconciliations) with Sybiz Vision

Posted on Thu, Jun 18, 2015

Looking to make some serious bank (reconciliations)? Sybiz Vision has an easy process for processing all your bank reconciliations, and even archiving them for later review.

Bank reconciliation reports are instantly generated once a bank statement has been processed and from a bank account's information window you can view or reprint any reports you have archived.

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Record 'capacity to influence' super contributions with Sybiz Visipay

Posted on Tue, Jun 16, 2015

Ready in time for the end of financial year rollover, Sybiz Visipay can now calculate and report 'capacity to influence' superannuation contributions.

Changes made to employees with capacity to influence are recorded across the employee's records, pay profile and balance, as well as reflected in their end of year payment summary.

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See why Structured Products is a control freak's best friend

Posted on Thu, Jun 11, 2015

If you're a control freak like us at Sybiz we know you'll love our Structured Products feature!

Found under the Inventory tab in New Sybiz Vision accounting software, Structured Products lets you organise and label your products with a range of categories to differentiate various product types.

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Australian 2014/ 2015 EOFY webinar registrations open

Posted on Tue, Jun 09, 2015

Sybiz invites you to join our Australian 2014/ 2015 End of Financial Year (EOFY) webinar. We'll be providing Australian customers with tips and tricks and covering how to manage EOFY accounting using Sybiz Vision Classic, the new Sybiz Vision and Sybiz Visipay payroll software.

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Why do we recommend Microsoft SQL Standard?

Posted on Thu, Jun 04, 2015

Choosing the right accounting solution is an important part of running a business, but just as important is choosing the right database server to power that solution.

For customers using Sybiz Vision or Sybiz Visipay, the minimum requirement is Microsoft SQL Server 2008. However, we strongly recommend Microsoft SQL Standard 2012 or above.

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Want more from Analytics? You got it!

Posted on Tue, Jun 02, 2015

We've already shown you the power and functionality of Inventory Quantity Analytics in Sybiz Vision which provides you much more information on inventory than the standard product list.

For those who want even more intelligence and control in their accounting software, across customers, suppliers, jobs and general ledger accounts and of course products (inventory) we've released Custom Analytics. Hooray!

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